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2008-05-04 14:13:42 by sonicxtreme

IM SICK of people who bomb our NG good ARTISTS! so if you want to be on the good side as the AP GUardians join the 5TEAM! and fight on our side agains teh evil empire of 0.

WELL? interested in joining? ask here ( tha boss

well if ya want to now other things like FL and the basic steps..or collabing projects..add meh on msn.



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2008-05-07 23:26:13

Hey Sonic,

Hmm, maybe the 5 team isn't such a good idea. As much as everyone hates blammers, without them, too many songs will have 5/5 scores making it hard to distinguish the good and bad songs. I always give 5/5 vote to whichever song I review, but only once. If the 5team is meant to continually five all songs multiple times, this may be a bad thing as mentioned above. Plus I think a lot of people 5 a lot. In a way there is already a "5team". I know your idea shows support for all of the audio ppl on NG, but it (blammers) does clean up the terrible audio submissions and allows the good songs to earn the score back up to front page of each genre. Makes NG AP look better to newcomers. Plus, the real support comes from reviewing songs. I see lots of people review a person's song and kindly ask for a review back. Both help each other via tips (and usually a returned 5/5 vote) which helps make a closer NG community. Blammers suck, but in a way they are good.

Bye for now

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2008-05-09 17:18:42

The Bobbyballer guy said the same thing on my post too... What an asshole, wasting space and stuff. He has to get a life.

sonicxtreme responds:

he is a betty follower


2008-05-09 17:20:30

Hey ima add u on MSN K? Ull recognize the email adress :P

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2008-05-23 14:27:07

Way to go brother!!! You should delete Bobbyballer comment, to much space wasted...good luck on your tunes ; )

sonicxtreme responds:

thanks...oh i like spam and makes me grow stronger