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Entry #1


2008-04-06 12:39:10 by sonicxtreme

Hey im back with some audio again. i have been away for 2 years from ng,but here am i again.well im just here to have fun and make some friends as well collabs with sure to drop by and review my tracks..cus then ill do the same to yours..peace to all SXTREME


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2008-04-14 08:03:02

Hai thar!

sonicxtreme responds:

hai too!! ^_^


2008-05-03 22:29:22

ummm ok sure work on ur music skills good luck...i guess..

sonicxtreme responds:

it might not be your style but i have plenty of songs worth of it...also that loop its supposed to be a quick loop and it also looped well be4 uploading to ng....anyway thanx 4 ur point of view


2008-05-04 07:32:09


sonicxtreme responds:

hello there! peace